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I picked Tangia to be my coach because I saw the personal transformation Tangia has made with her weight and overall health, and I want the same results! Tangia has kept me accountable and motivated to reach my goals. Talking to her once a week really keeps me on track!

Marianne M.

You ROCK!!!! I love your positive energy and how you live your life. Tangia, truly cares. She listens, and understands what we are going through, she has been there. Her level of commitment to success makes it inspiring to follow through and start to change how we move through our lives.

Stacie G.

I first became aware of Tangia through a mutual friend on social media. She immediately inspired me with her before and after photos. I had never seen a real-life person with her results. I’m very shy when it comes to my weight and overall fitness goals, but I took a chance and reached out through our mutual friend to contact Tangia for advice. I am forever grateful for that one email that changed my life. I wrote Tangia and told her that I was inspired by her transformation. I asked if she would share her “secrets for success” with me. She immediately made me feel comfortable even though we had never met. She was so easy to communicate with and her positive attitude and faith in me helped boost my self-esteem. The experience made me believe in myself again. Tangia has pushed me towards my fitness goals and has given me the courage I never knew I had. With Tangia’s coaching and continuous encouragement I come closer every day to living a healthy and happier life.

Mary Lisa D.

Tangia absolutely changed the game for me! Hello Gorgeous helped me redefine my concept of being whole, healthy, and gorgeous. Until I worked with T, I struggled with wanting to be the person I used to be and wanting to have a body I never had. After coaching with her, I’ve come to understand two things about my whole health process: 1) I’m gorgeous now, and 2) I get to decide how the unfolding of my BEST self (mind, body, and spirit) goes. T taught me that I’m a badass, right where I am, as I am. That ability to accept myself completely has freed me up to eat better and workout more consistently. Is it perfect? No. It doesn’t have to be. Hello Gorgeous is the movement that’s teaching me how to love ALL of who I am, as I evolve into all that I’m capable of being. If you want to feel amazing, look amazing, and be a badass NOW, Tangia’s the coach for you!.

Kassandra V.

I saw Tangia and her inspiring posts on Facebook. She made me want to help myself to lose weight, eat healthier, and feel better about myself. With her support and accountability I lost weight and inches. I felt better about myself right away. Thank you for helping me get refocused on my goals!

Kassandra O.